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Principal's Message

International Studies Learning Center Family:

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I write this letter of introduction to you as your new Principal of International Studies Learning Center.  I am honored to have the opportunity to lead a school with such a rich tradition of cultural exchange, language development, and academic success!  I have been dedicated to the field of education for more than twenty years.  I bring with me a wealth of knowledge and skills from my experiences working with K-12 public schools, adult school and overseas.    My most recent experiences have been as a Teaching and Learning Observer, high school Assistant Principal and an Operations Coordinator for Local District East.  I am excited and eager to bring my skills as an educational leader to International Studies Learning Center and work with you as a partner in education to continue to “Inspire and Prepare Global Citizens.”.

In collaboration with students, teachers, parents, and all stakeholders, my goal is to continue the amazing work already occurring and to keep the focus on the 4 global competencies of “Investigating the World, Recognizing Perspectives, Communicating Ideas and Taking Action.” Incorporating these ideals and building upon the existing success of the Partnership for 21st Century Learning with the focus on rigorous standards-based instruction, assessments, curriculum and instruction, professional development as the vehicle to inspire global citizens.  International Studies Learning Center already has a solid local, state, national, & international footprint with recognition from world leaders and I want to guide students to develop and grow their network and foster student led expansion of international relationships.

My love of travel and cultures and philosophy of helping other people comes from the influence of two important individuals in my life.  My grandfather was a Merchant Marine in World War II for Great Britain and traveled the world living a sailor’s life, which started at the age of sixteen.  His stories of his exploits and adventures, the pictures he shared, the maps we explored sparked a desire for travel and at age 13 my grandparents took me to see my family in England for the first time.  My father, being a fire fighter and in the Navy himself, showed me the importance of helping people, working as a team, developing relationships, and striving for the best. 

These personal experiences ignited the zeal for travel and to serve my community as a secondary History Teacher.  As such, I was able to share my experiences, love of language, love of cultures, desire to learn, and my philosophy of helping the world be a more multi-cultural place.  My passion for learning and international experiences led me to seek out a way to teach outside of the US, and thus I joined the Peace Corps as a Volunteer in Western Russia for two years.  This experience changed my life greater than I could possibly imagine, I think about my experiences often and use the skills I gained while living overseas to try and improve my life and the lives of others.

This year may continue to be different due to the global pandemic but together we must continue to provide rigorous and relevant grade level, standards-based tasks and academic experiences for our students that help them build international relationships while making real-world connections.  Together, as a team, we will maintain what International Studies Learning Center has come to embody – “Inspire and Prepare Global Citizens.”

I look forward to working with International Studies Learning Center’s teachers, staff, parents and students and to have one agenda item that I will always stand by: to help students learn and be global citizens ready for success in the 21st century! 


Thank you


большое спасибо


Michael Santiago


Mr. Michael Santiago, Principal
Mr. Michael Santiago
Ruben Escobar, Assistant Principal
Ruben Escobar, Assistant Principal