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Last updated: Jan. 21, 2016

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No driving required! You will assist the UPS Driver with pickups and deliveries during the Holiday Season by jumping into vehicle with a UPS driver in your neighborhood.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age


  • On-Call position; must have direct number where UPS dispatch can call and speak directly to you


  • Must be available to work from 10AM-8PM Monday through Friday until January 16th


  • Must meet driver on route within 30 minutes


  • No guarantee on hours;  0-30 hours weekly


  • Must meet driver appearance standards

Men: no piercings, no facial hair with the exception of a neatly trimmed mustache, hair must not go past shirt collar

Women:  one stud earring per ear, hair must be worn up in a bun or pony tail

Men and Women:  NO VISIBLE TATTOOS or jewelry


  • Must have solid black or brown polishable leather work shoes, not tennis shoes.


  • Present excellent customer service skills; able to communicate well with others


  • Work outdoors in positive or negative weather conditions


  • Able to lift up to 70 pounds by yourself, and up to 150lbs with a partner


  • Be able to maintain a fast work pace through the duration of the day;  3-8 hours daily depending on help needed


  • $10.00 per hour, $22 monthly union dues




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