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AVID IS a year-long rigorous elective class...
-for students with college potential
-for students with average test scores
-for students who are motivated to succeed
-for students with GPA between 2.0-3.5
-for students willing to enroll in a rigorous curriculum

AVID is NOT...
-an at-risk program for unmotivated students
-a quick fix for student problems
-a study hall class

The AVID Elective

all about avid!

A week as an avid student

AVID Back to School Night Presentation 2020

Space is available in the avid elective for 2021-2022.  see the application below!

College Field Trips

AVID Guest Speakers


AVID Binders and Planners!


AVID Coordinator
AVID Elective Teachers
  Nelson Atienza Teacher
  Caroline Garcia Teacher
  Antonia Guzman Teacher
  David Juarez Teacher
  Kenny Lau Teacher
  Alison Murray Teacher