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General Policies

No food or drinks are allowed


Cell phone use is prohibited


No loud or audible music


Hats, beanies, hoods, etc. are NOT allowed


The library is for academic use; therefore, talking should be kept at a minimum.  


All social activities should be conducted outside of the library unless previously approved by the Librarian.




  • Students must provide ID in order to check out materials
  • Books can be checked out from ANY library, but must be done by the Librarian
  • Books can be returned to ANY library, as long as it is given to the Librarian
  • Students are allowed to check out 3 books at a time
  • Books are checked out for 2 weeks - the item must then be returned or renewed
  • Books may be renewed twice (if there is not a hold on the item) or more, if the book is not in demand
  • See Mr. Stoffers or Mrs. Beltran-Mata about putting an item on HOLD that is already checked out


  • If students do not return or renew a book by the due date, they will be charged late fines
  • Overdue books are charged 10 cents per day & per book
    • For example, 2 books that are 2 days late will be charged 40 cents
  • The maximum LATE fine is $5.00 per book.
  • There is no limit to total amount of fines due.  Fines can add up!
  • ​All lost and damaged library books (including Reference) will cost the current replacement price of the book, including vendor book-processing fees (cost varies on the book)
  • The library does not accept student-purchased replacement books for lost or damaged books


  • Students MUST HAVE a LIBRARY PASS completed and signed by their teacher
  • Students are not allowed in the first 5 minutes of class or in the last 5 minutes of class.
  • The Librarian will CHECK you IN upon entering the library
  • The Librarian will CHECK you OUT upon leaving the library
  • Computers should be used for school-related work during class time


  • Students should have an Acceptable Use Policy on file
  • Students are limited to printing 10 pages a day
  • Inappropriate use of the computers or the printers will result in loss of computer and/or library privileges

For Teachers Middle and High School Libraries


  • Class visits are welcome and encouraged.
  • Teachers must schedule library use for their class(es) with the Librarian prior to expected use date. 
    • Please consult the Librarian’s library schedule.
  • Teachers must accompany and assist in supervision of their class while in the library


  • If sending a student to the library during your class time, the student MUST have a signed and dated LIBRARY PASS
  • Please do not send more than 3 students at a time; multiple names can be written on one pass
  • The following are acceptable reasons to send a student to the library during class:
    • Check-out or check-in a book
    • Research a specific class-related topic
    • Print a class-related assignment
  • ​Please send student(s) after you have taken attendance.
  • Student(s) will be sent back to class 5 minutes before end of class, unless student finishes sooner or unless teacher has granted permission to remain until the end of the class period

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no food or drinks