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School Improvement Grant (SIG)

P21 4 C's Parent Workshop
P21 4 C's Parent Workshop

ISLC Has Received a School Improvement Grant!

International Studies Learning Center applied for and has been awarded a School Improvement Grant!  This is a three-year grant, the money from which will be used in the 2014-2015, 2015-2016, and 2016-2017 school years.  For information on School Improvement Grants and how this impacts our school, please visit the Los Angeles Unified School District webpage for SIG here.  Explore the links in this page under "Components of the Grant" for PDF's of SIG documents that are specific to International Studies Learning Center.

Components of the Grant

The two major components of the School Improvement Grant are the:

  1. Budget Narrative, and
  2. Implementation Plan (also known as Form 10)

The Budget Narrative shows how the money allotted to us by the grant is being spent.  Costs are listed for Years 1, 2, and 3 of the grant.  It is a live document, meaning that adjustments can be made quarterly to reallocate funds that were not spent according to the budget as outlined in the previous quarter.  

The Implementation Plan (Form 10) provides descriptions of each item in the budget, as well as justifications for the funds that will be spent. 

Both documents must align.  If an item is accounted for in the Budget, a corresponding description and justification for that item must also be found in the Implementation Plan.

To see PDF's of both documents, please click on the links in the list above.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the School Improvement Grant at International Studies Learning Center, you may use the following contacts at your convenience:

Mr. David Manzo, Principal

Mrs. Balarie, SIG Coordinator